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Our global results overview

Welcome to the report scorecard for UN Women’s Strategic Plan 2022–2025. This section of the Transparency Portal provides an overview of results from implementing the plan, including the latest figures and data. The links below allow you to explore UN Women's impact areas, systemic outcomes and organizational outputs, all in support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and making progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment. For the full report on the implementation of the Strategic Plan in 2022, please click here.

Impact areas

Impact 1

Governance and participation in public life                                                                                             

SP_Governance Icon.png
Impact 2

Women's economic empowerment                                                                                                   

SP_Economic Empowerment Icon.png
Impact 3

Ending violence against women                                                                                                       

SP_VAW Icon.png

Systemic outcomes

Outcome 2

Financing for gender equality                          

Outcome 3

Positive social norms                      

SP_Outcomes_social norms_Icon.png
Outcome 6

Gender statistics                                                              

SP_Outcomes_gender statistics_Icon.png
Outcome 7

UN system coordination                                         

SP_Outcomes_UN System_Icon.png

Organizational outputs

Output 1

Principled performance                         

SP_Outputs_Principled performance_Icon.png
Output 3

Business transformation                           

SP_Outputs_Business transformation_Icon.png
Output 4

Empowered people                                                         

SP_Outputs_Empowered people_Icon.png

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