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Iceland Overview
$1.65 M Total Contributions
$1.15 M Resource Contributions (Core)
$505.09 K Other Resources (Non-Core)
$179.75 K Other Resources: Spent
Other Resources.
Funding Partner Specific
Recipient Country IATI Identifier Outcome Description
Planned Budget Actual Budget Funds Shortfall
Funds: Committed
flag UN Trust Fund to EVAW
XM-DAC-41146-PAP _D_1.2 Positive social norms change, including through engaging men and boys and focus on LGBTIQ+/SOGI
$386,588 $895,590 $0
flag Europe & Central Asia RO
XM-DAC-41146-ECA_D_1.2 Women and girls fully and equally participate in leadership and decision-making processes and benefit from gender-responsive governance.
$1,423,001 $389,545 $1,033,456
flag Jordan
XM-DAC-41146-JOR_D_4.2 More Syrian women refugees and vulnerable Jordanian women are better served by humanitarian action and resilience-building initiatives
$10,389,678 $8,488,648 $1,901,030
flag UN Trust Fund to EVAW
XM-DAC-41146-SDG_D_1.1 Working conditions and lives of women and girls will be improved
$3,876,298 $1,434,307 $2,441,991
flag Occupied Palestinian Territory
XM-DAC-41146-PAL_D_6.1 The capacity of governments and stakeholders is strengthened to assess progress in implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, and other global normative and policy frameworks
$495,711 $219,695 $276,016
flag Afghanistan
XM-DAC-41146-AFG_D_4.1 An enabling environment for the implementation of WPS commitments is fostered.
$1,673,197 $2,625,749 $0
flag Mozambique
XM-DAC-41146-MOZ_D_4.1 The enabling environment for sustainable implementation of women in leadership, WPS and HA commitments is strengthened
$699,771 $902,424 $0
flag Malawi
XM-DAC-41146-MWI_D_3.1 Social norms, attitudes and practices hindering women and girl’s rights are transformed at individual and community levels
$1,058,000 $206,486 $851,514
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[1] Revenue recognition per Management Accounts Reporting (as per Revenue Management Policy). [2] The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.