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Other (non-core) Resources Disbursement Disclaimer
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Showing country level data of 2022
Ireland Overview
$5.05 M Total contributions in revenue for 2022
$2.23 M Regular resources (core) in revenue for 2022
$2.82 M Other resources (non-Core) in revenue for 2022
$2.19 M Other resources: Spent Expenditures can be higher than the revenue because revenue can be carried over from one year to another
Funding Partner Specific
Recipient Country IATI Identifier Outcome Description
Planned Budget Actual Budget Funds Shortfall
Funds: Committed
flag Ethiopia
XM-DAC-41146-ETH_D_1.1 All people in Ethiopia enjoy the rights and capabilities to realize their potential in equality and with dignity.
$8,633,759 $2,658,770 $5,974,989
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flag Ethiopia
XM-DAC-41146-ETH_D_1.2 All people in Ethiopia live in a cohesive, just, inclusive and democratic society.
$7,767,214 $1,703,482 $6,063,732
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flag Ethiopia
XM-DAC-41146-ETH_D_1.3 All people in Ethiopia benefit from an inclusive, resilient and sustainable economy
$5,336,847 $1,230,557 $4,106,290
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flag Kenya
XM-DAC-41146-RD_D_3.2 Uptake of essential justice services by survivors VAWG increased
$779,949 $363,306 $416,643
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flag Kenya
XM-DAC-41146-RD_D_4.1 Women's and girls' participation in conflict prevention and peace and security processes increased
$3,244,056 $2,838,253 $405,803
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flag Kenya
XM-DAC-41146-RD_O_3 A culture of results based management and evaluation is institutionalized to deliver, report and share GEWE results in Kenya
$0 $0 $0
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flag Liberia
XM-DAC-41146-LBR_D_1.2 By 2024, people in Liberia especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged, benefit from strengthened institutions that are more effective, accountable, transparent, inclusive and gender-responsive in the delivery of essential services at the national and sub-national levels.
$3,323,104 $2,165,347 $1,157,757
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flag Sierra Leone
XM-DAC-41146-SLE_D_1.3 Women and girls in conflict and humanitarian situation as well as those excluded from governance are protected and provided with tools, access to services, goods and resources to build resilience and to lead.
$1,126,000 $583,899 $542,101
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flag Sierra Leone
XM-DAC-41146-SLE_D_2.3 Gender transformative programmes including men and boys engagement are promoted to influence positive gender norms on governance, economic empowerment and on ending violence against women and girls.
$630,002 $122,296 $507,706
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flag South Africa
XM-DAC-41146-ZAF_D_3.1 GBV prevention strategies and action plans are implemented by UN, government and civil society in a coordinated manner and are informed by voices of women survivors of violence
$746,206 $486,804 $259,402
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flag South Africa
XM-DAC-41146-ZAF_D_3.2 Favourable social norms, attitudes and behaviours are promoted at community and individual levels to prevent GBV
$332,391 $175,309 $157,082
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flag Tanzania
XM-DAC-41146-TZA_D_1.6 Strengthen the production of gender statistics to enable the monitoring of national policies and reporting commitments under the SDGs.
$105,803 $188,225 $0
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flag Tanzania
XM-DAC-41146-TZA_D_6.1 The Capacity of URT and stakeholders is strengthened to assess progress of the Beijing Platform for Action and other global normative frameworks for gender equality and empowerment of women.
$358,650 $224,161 $134,489
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flag Zimbabwe
XM-DAC-41146-ZWE_D_1.1 By 2026, all people in Zimbabwe, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, benefit from more accountable institutions and systems for rule of law, human rights and access to justice (CF outcome 4, SP outcome 1).
$652,102 $52,939 $599,163
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Disclaimer and notes
Revenue recognition per management accounts reporting (as per Revenue Management Policy). 2022 figures are preliminary, pending final audit.
The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.
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