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Italy Overview
$735.86 K Total Contributions
$0.00 Resource Contributions (Core)
$735.86 K Other Resources (Non-Core)
$700.24 K Other Resources: Spent
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Recipient Country IATI Identifier Outcome Description
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Funds: Committed
flag Albania
XM-DAC-41146-ALB_D_1.2 By 2026, all persons benefit from, and contribute to, innovative and integrated policy solutions that accelerate sustainable, productive and inclusive development, enhanced climate change adaptation and mitigation and transition to a green and blue economy (UNSDCF Outcome B).
$1,579,419 $609,275 $970,144
flag Iraq
XM-DAC-41146-IRQ_D_8.1 Strengthened and effective inclusive, people centred, gender-responsive, human rights-based policies and national systems contribute to gender equality, the promotion of protection, social protection, social cohesion and peaceful societies, with focus on the most vulnerable populations, including women, youth and minorities
$3,213,820 $2,576,754 $637,066
flag Jordan
XM-DAC-41146-JOR_D_4.2 More Syrian women refugees and vulnerable Jordanian women are better served by humanitarian action and resilience-building initiatives
$10,389,678 $8,488,648 $1,901,030
flag Jordan
XM-DAC-41146-JOR_D_6.1 Jordanian government and civil society assess progress on implementation of normative and policy frameworks on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.
$424,914 $191,609 $233,305
flag Kenya
XM-DAC-41146-RD_D_3.2 Uptake of essential justice services by survivors VAWG increased
$779,949 $363,306 $416,643
flag Niger
XM-DAC-41146-NER_D_2.1 Women agricultural producers have better access to productive resources adapted to the arid climate and to markets to improve their income in a sustainable way
$848,480 $184,641 $663,839
flag Niger
XM-DAC-41146-NER_D_2.2 Economic migration is safe and regular for migrant women and girls
$549,297 $489,694 $59,603
flag Niger
XM-DAC-41146-NER_D_3.2 Increased access to essential services
$369,474 $65,323 $304,151
flag Nigeria  
XM-DAC-41146-NGA_D_3.1 Laws and policies on VAWG in Nigeria and their implementation and monitoring are strengthened to better prevent and respond to the needs of women and girls at risk or survivors of GBV/SGBV/HP
$3,338,985 $2,540,598 $798,387
flag Nigeria  
XM-DAC-41146-NGA_D_3.2 Favourable gender socio-cultural norms lead to an increased use of essential services by women and girls at risk or survivors of GBV/SGBV/HP and a decrease in VAWG
$1,141,870 $504,927 $636,943
flag Sudan
XM-DAC-41146-SDN_D_1.1 More women of all ages fully engage with political and economic institutions and in leadership
$3,047,705 $1,340,911 $1,706,794
flag Sudan
XM-DAC-41146-SDN_D_2.1 Women secure access to productive resources and engage in sustainable resources creation activities in rural, peri-urban, conflict, post-conflict and humanitarian settings.
$665,999 $442,939 $223,060
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[1] Revenue recognition per Management Accounts Reporting (as per Revenue Management Policy).
[2] The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.
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