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Japan Overview
$13.99 M Total Contributions
$4.50 M Resource Contributions (Core)
$9.49 M Other Resources (Non-Core)
$6.68 M Other Resources: Spent
Funding Partner Specific
Recipient Country IATI Identifier Outcome Description
Planned Budget Actual Budget Funds Shortfall
Funds: Committed
flag Asia & the Pacific RO
XM-DAC-41146-APA_D_6.1 Governments and civil society are able to assess and inform progress in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the SDGs as well as other global and regional normative frameworks
$1,221,871 $3,817,940 $0
flag Asia & the Pacific RO
XM-DAC-41146-APA_D_6.6 Women are empowered to build resilient, cohesive and peaceful communities to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism
$214,693 $496,692 $0
flag East & Southern Africa RO
XM-DAC-41146-ESA_D_1.2 More and better quality data and statistics are available to promote and track the progress of gender equality and women's empowerment
$128,630 $369,092 $0
flag East & Southern Africa RO
XM-DAC-41146-ESA_D_2.3 The UN system in ESA region is coordinated, and coherently and systematically contributes to progress on gender equality and empowerment of women and girls
$126,004 $84,000 $42,004
XM-DAC-41146-LGO_D_1.2 A comprehensive and dynamic set of global norms and standards on gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls is strengthened and translated into gender-responsive laws, policies, and institutions.
$13,147,901 $4,894,287 $8,253,614
XM-DAC-41146-LGO_D_1.5 The UN system coherently and systematically contributes to progress on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls
$947,500 $435,500 $512,000
flag Afghanistan
XM-DAC-41146-AFG_D_2.1 Women in Afghanistan have increased access to income generation opportunities and income security
$3,226,053 $4,986,279 $0
flag Afghanistan
XM-DAC-41146-AFG_D_4.2 Women are represented and meaningfully participate in all peace and security, peace-building, recovery and humanitarian processes, including formal and informal peace negotiations and forums
$3,836,803 $5,367,004 $0
flag Bangladesh
XM-DAC-41146-BGD_D_1.3 Quality, comparable and regular gender statistics are available to address national data gaps and meet policy and reporting commitments under the SDGs, CEDAW and Beijing Platform for Action
$522,034 $83,423 $438,611
flag Burundi
XM-DAC-41146-BDI_D_4.3 Women and girls participate in and benefit from socio-economic recovery opportunities in the context of peace and resilience-building
$529,607 $542,736 $0
flag Cambodia
XM-DAC-41146-KHM_D_3.2 Women, girls and LGBTIQ persons who experience violence are empowered to use available, accessible and quality essential services and recover from violence. [UN Women SP 2018-2021 Output 11]
$697,647 $419,631 $278,016
flag Democratic Republic of the Congo
XM-DAC-41146-COD_D_4.9 By 2024, humanitarian organizations and government humanitarian organizations are providing a coordinated, rapid and effective humanitarian response to those affected by crises in accordance with humanitarian standards and principles to reduce the excess
$910,931 $2,301,931 $0
flag Egypt
XM-DAC-41146-EGY_D_4.1 More women play a greater role and are better served by humanitarian response and recovery efforts
$666,076 $35,918 $630,158
flag Iraq
XM-DAC-41146-IRQ_D_4.1 Resilience, positive coping mechanisms and livelihoods opportunities improved for displaced and vulnerable women in camps and host communities
$216,270 $274,729 $0
flag Jordan
XM-DAC-41146-JOR_D_4.2 More Syrian women refugees and vulnerable Jordanian women are better served by humanitarian action and resilience-building initiatives
$10,389,678 $8,488,648 $1,901,030
flag Kenya
XM-DAC-41146-RD_D_4.1 Women's and girls' participation in conflict prevention and peace and security processes increased
$3,244,056 $2,838,253 $405,803
flag Lebanon
XM-DAC-41146-LBN_D_2.3 National authorities, private sector and CSOs are engaged in and actively support gender equality and women’s economic empowerment and protection
$2,422,671 $4,033,884 $0
flag Morocco
XM-DAC-41146-MAR_D_1.1 Public policies and budgets at national and local levels are gender sensitive and are enhanced by comprehensive and dynamic normative frameworks and standards
$1,796,418 $1,233,000 $563,418
flag Morocco
XM-DAC-41146-MAR_D_2.1 An enabling environment is established to promote economic empowerment and decent employment for women
$535,414 $232,971 $302,443
flag Mozambique
XM-DAC-41146-MOZ_D_4.1 The enabling environment for sustainable implementation of women in leadership, WPS and HA commitments is strengthened
$699,771 $902,424 $0
flag Niger
XM-DAC-41146-NER_D_4.2 Humanitarian /crisis response planning, frameworks & programming are gender inclusive and responsive
$760,851 $274,394 $486,457
flag Nigeria  
XM-DAC-41146-NGA_D_4.2 Humanitarian response planning, frameworks and programming in North East Nigeria (and other conflict affected areas), are gender inclusive and responsive.
$43,668 $24,000 $19,668
flag Nigeria  
XM-DAC-41146-NGA_D_4.3 Socio-economic recovery and resilience of women displaced by conflict in North Nigeria (and other conflict-affected areas) is promoted, through UN Women efforts
$679,831 $540,202 $139,629
flag Nigeria  
XM-DAC-41146-NGA_D_4.4 Positive coping mechanisms are promoted, for marginalized women and girls affected by protracted crises (in conflict, temporary shelters and host communities) in North East Nigeria and other affected areas, with UN Women support
$396,705 $396,705 $0
flag Occupied Palestinian Territory
XM-DAC-41146-PAL_D_4.1 More women play a greater role and are better served by humanitarian response and recovery efforts
$1,366,696 $1,138,961 $227,735
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[1] Revenue recognition per Management Accounts Reporting (as per Revenue Management Policy).
[2] The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.
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