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UN Women as Administrative Agent for Joint Programmes Overview
$6.31 M Total contributions in revenue for 2022
$0.00 Regular resources (core) in revenue for 2022
$6.31 M Other resources (non-Core) in revenue for 2022
$4.82 M Other resources: Spent Expenditures can be higher than the revenue because revenue can be carried over from one year to another
Funding Partner Specific
Recipient Country IATI Identifier Outcome Description
Planned Budget Actual Budget Funds Shortfall
Funds: Committed
flag Argentina
XM-DAC-41146-ARG_D_2.2 More care and macroeconomic policies promote social protection and more and better jobs for women.
$260,481 $134,738 $125,743
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flag Bangladesh
XM-DAC-41146-BGD_D_1.1 By 2026, more people in Bangladesh, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized from all gender and social groups and those from lagging districts benefit from sustainable livelihood and decent work opportunities resulting from responsible, inclusive, sustainable, green, and equitable economic development
$1,517,417 $350,731 $1,166,686
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flag Brazil
XM-DAC-41146-BRA_D_2.1 Policies and strategies of public and private companies and institutions to strengthen women’s economic rights and opportunities are adopted, implemented and monitored.
$738,020 $478,125 $259,895
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flag Egypt
XM-DAC-41146-EGY_D_1.1 The legislative and institutional environment to formulate and implement laws and policies that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in line with the 2014 Egyptian Constitution and relevant international norms and standards is enhanced.
$701,690 $397,000 $304,690
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flag Egypt
XM-DAC-41146-EGY_D_2.1 More women own, launch and/or better manage micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in different sectors
$2,511,036 $2,214,440 $296,596
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flag Egypt
XM-DAC-41146-EGY_D_2.2 More policies promote decent work and social protection for women
$1,733,591 $1,822,341 $0
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flag Arab States RO
XM-DAC-41146-RAS_D_8.1 More women access equitable employment opportunities and services, increasing the rate of women’s participation in the workforce in Arab States, including the most marginalized.
$1,906,888 $1,091,648 $815,240
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flag Ethiopia
XM-DAC-41146-ETH_D_1.3 All people in Ethiopia benefit from an inclusive, resilient and sustainable economy
$5,336,847 $1,230,557 $4,106,290
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flag Jordan
XM-DAC-41146-JOR_D_2.1 More policies promoting access to decent work and social protection for vulnerable Jordanian women are implemented.
$1,008,421 $843,436 $164,985
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flag Lebanon
XM-DAC-41146-LBN_D_6.1 Governments and civil society support progress on implementation of normative and policy frameworks, and work together to drive forward legislative change and reform
$1,411,660 $1,129,252 $282,408
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flag Morocco
XM-DAC-41146-MAR_D_2.1 An enabling environment is established to promote economic empowerment and decent employment for women
$535,414 $232,971 $302,443
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flag Nepal
XM-DAC-41146-NPL_D_2.1 Vulnerable women’s groups in Nepal have income generation opportunities and are resilient to climate change and disasters that affect their livelihoods by 2022
$762,699 $666,775 $95,924
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flag Occupied Palestinian Territory
XM-DAC-41146-PAL_D_2.1 National policies promote decent work and economic opportunities for women in Palestine
$640,703 $560,836 $79,867
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flag Occupied Palestinian Territory
XM-DAC-41146-PAL_D_2.2 More women own, launch and/or better manage small and medium and large enterprises
$421,411 $150,619 $270,792
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flag Occupied Palestinian Territory
XM-DAC-41146-PAL_D_3.3 Palestinian national actors are better able to prevent violence against women and girls and deliver quality essential services to victims and survivors
$3,829,372 $3,779,829 $49,543
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flag Philippines
XM-DAC-41146-PHL_D_4.2 Peace talks, recovery, conflict resolution and peace building planning processes include women’s participation and promote and protect women’s human rights.
$2,204,316 $867,817 $1,336,499
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flag Asia and the Pacific RO
XM-DAC-41146-APA_D_2.3 Needs of women are better addressed by climate change and disaster risk reduction actions for ensuring alternative climate-resilient livelihoods
$1,668,781 $1,027,985 $640,796
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flag Tunisia
XM-DAC-41146-TUN_D_7.1 In 2025, institutions, conducting effective and risk-sensitive public policies in partnership with economic and social actors, put the country's resources at the service of inclusive, sustainable, resilient socio-economic development that generates decent jobs, particularly for the most vulnerable. (UNSDCF Effect 1)
$1,705,096 $0 $1,705,096
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Disclaimer and notes
Revenue recognition per management accounts reporting (as per Revenue Management Policy). 2022 figures are preliminary, pending final audit.
The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.
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